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Pacific Collegiate School is a grades 7-12 charter school located on the westside of Santa Cruz, California. Currently, the number of students is about 514. The school mascot the Puma, and the school colors are white, black and silver.

According to Newsweek, in 2007 Pacific Collegiate was among the top 22 "elite public schools" in the United States.

PCS was named the #2 high school overall in the nation and the #1 charter school in the nation in the December 10, 2007, issue of U.S. News & World Report. The 2009 ranking places it as the #3 high school overall.

Pacific Collegiate School's mission is to provide exemplary, standards based college preparatory and fine arts education for public middle and high school students of Santa Cruz County and bordering areas. Our vision is to offer any student the same quality of education offered by the most academically distinguished schools in California. Our graduates will be prepared to enter and thrive at the world's finest colleges and universities.

In addition to a core college preparatory curriculum, Pacific Collegiate School will emphasize international, cross-cultural, and technological education in order to prepare graduates for life in the 21st Century. Pacific Collegiate students will be introduced to the rich variety of world cultures and become fluent in at least one foreign language. They will become proficient in the basic information technologies essential for cultural literacy in the 21st Century.

PCS values a student population that reflects the diversity of Santa Cruz County in many respects including demographic, socioeconomic, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender identities, sexual orientation and disabled communities. In broad terms, a diverse PCS school community serves two important purposes: (1) it demonstrates equal access for all community constituencies to a high-quality, standards-based, college preparatory and fine arts education that seeks to prepare its graduates to enter and thrive at the world’s finest colleges and universities, and (2) it stimulates the school’s academic/pedagogic perspective to encourage PCS students to engage and understand all community constituencies as they learn to assume leadership roles in their chosen fields.

The Pacific Collegiate Charter is a Public university located in Santa Cruz.
The Pacific Collegiate Charter was founded in 1999.
The current president of Pacific Collegiate Charter is Maria Reitano.

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