Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy

Dr. Richard A. Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy (HTPA), formerly just Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy, is a school in Wilmington, Los Angeles, California. It is currently under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Students take College level classes while still attending high school under teacher management. They also take AP Classes which are recognized by all universities. The premier goal of the school is that students graduate with their AA degree.

The staff is committed to fulfilling the school’s mission statement, which states “The mission of Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy is to provide students with the opportunity to concurrently earn a high school diploma and an Associated Arts degree. Our dedicated staff empowers students to think analytically and creatively while preparing them to be competitive, socially responsible, and successful in the completion of their college degrees.”

Empowerment of student through formal leadership roles in school governance, guidance programs such as peer counseling, and in academic support services such as peer tutoring; expectations that teachers are teacher/counselors within a structured system of support for students; student outcomes are measured by multiple assessments including performance based assessments, and formal collaboration exists between the high school and college and is demonstrated through the sharing of educational resources, and coordination of college and high school schedules and calendars.

All Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy students are provided with meaningful learning activities due to implementation of our school mission and vision statement. Curriculum is based on techniques that encourage investigative learning and engage students in rigorous, in depth coursework through Honors, Advanced Placement, and college classes. The teachers and the principal frequently attend professional development workshops focused on differentiated instruction, positive communication inside the classroom, project-based curriculum, and interdisciplinary work. As a result of our tightly knit school  community that includes an active college Advisory, an insightful college/high school Alignment Team, a strong Compensatory Educational Advisory.  

Vladovic Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy will graduate college and career-ready critical thinkers who are independent, socially conscious, and prepared to embrace their role in the global community.

The Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy is a Private university located in Wilmington.
The Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy was founded in 2002.
The current president of Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy is Jan Murata.

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