Still Having it Hard to Get Used to High School after the Holidays? This Tips may Help you

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Even though it’s been some time since Christmas Break ended and you’ve come back to school, it can be hard to get used to the busy schedule and hard work school requires after some days off. These tips may help you get back the habit of studying. 

The holidays, the warmth, family time, time free from school, it’s all too comfy and easy to get used to. It’s not been that long since you’ve enjoyed one of the most beautiful times of the year but it ended too fast.

It is essential to take some days off from responsibilities, classes, school work and extracurriculars once in a while in order to clear your mind and go back with a fresh and renewed self. However, it can be too easy to get used to baking cookies and drinking hot chocolate, and going back to your routine once it ends is no easy task.

It’s like being in a perfect bubble and, once it is popped, it’s not a piece of cake to get over it and go back to your responsibilities. 

While there are some students who find it easy to switch from baking cookies to writing papers in no time, others have it extremely difficult to concentrate after 2 weeks of relaxation.

However difficult it may be, you need to try as hard as you can in order to avoid starting off the left foot and falling behind from the beginning. 

If you are still finding it difficult to get over the Holidays, there are some pieces of advice you can implement that may ease your path through the winter term. 

How do I Turn Back into School Mode?

Here are some things that may help you turn off the Holidays mode and on the School mode: 

1. Restart getting used to old habits

If you got used to going to bed late at night and sleeping in until noon everyday, it can be really hard to start waking up early in the morning. To avoid being swamped all day because of sleep deprivation, you need to start the routine again. Try to go to bed earlier because this will help you wake up the next morning well-rested.

In addition to sleeping, it can also be too easy to get used to not studying or not doing homework, but you need to set the switch back into student mode. To do this, you need to avoid going not even one day without doing school work. If you do so, you will have it even harder to get used to the routine. Doing a little effort everyday is easier than doing it all on the weekend or when deadlines approach. 

2. Set goals

Have you thought about your New Year’s resolutions? It is common knowledge that establishing goals -possible ones- is the most beneficial way to achieve your objectives and avoid falling behind. 

Short term goals are the most useful ones because they allow you to avoid procrastination and to motivate yourself. Think about what you want to achieve in the short run, for example, during the following month. 

3. Establish a schedule

Being organized is crucial to avoid missing deadlines and procrastinating. Setting up a calendar or writing a to-do list for every week can help you keep track of your upcoming assignments and tests. 

You can establish certain days to specific subjects or do whatever works best for you!

4. Be patient

Finally, try not to go crazy for not being able to do everything as you were used to. It may take some time to go back to normal and you need to give yourself the time you need to get used to it. 

Your health is the most important thing and you need to take care of it. For that reason, you need to avoid asking more of yourself than what you can do. Go easy on yourself and you will go back to normal in no time!

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