Facing Senioritis Head On This Spring

Monday, January 4, 2021

High school seniors will be facing senioritis head on Spring as they complete their four-year journey to earning a high school diploma while the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

While “senioritis” may not be an official word in the Oxford Dictionary, it is a lay term that virtually all high school students as well as teachers are familiar with. Even college students experience some form of senioritis at the end of their degree program. Whether students are wrapping up with their four years in high school or their bachelor’s degree program at university, senioritis is real! 

After so much time spent working to earn a general High School Diploma or International Baccalaureate Diploma, senior high schoolers often start feeling fatigued and want nothing but to be able to enjoy the end of the year and the start of summer vacation. In both high school, however, senior year grades still matter quite a lot. If you are headed for college or university next Fall, your college will be looking to make sure that your final semester grades are similar to the grades that you submitted to them earlier during application season. Universities will be pleased to see excellent grades during your final semester. If you do poorly, there are certain circumstances in which you your acceptance to either your college or your major department may be put on probation.

There are five ways for you to address senioritis.

Start by keeping your eyes on the prize ahead of you.

If you are a high school student, perhaps you’ve already finished the incredibly stressful college application process. As a high school senior, perhaps you’ve already made plans for the summer and year ahead or maybe you’re excited to finally take a break after 18+ years straight of school. Either way, do not forget that your success in the future counts on you doing well for the rest of your days in school!

High school seniors must maintain similar grades to what they demonstrated in their college apps. 

Remember that you can still have fun without giving up on your academics!

If anything, you should take advantage of the spring semester to enjoy yourself a little bit. Taking time to engage in activities that you truly enjoy will help you recharge and hit the ground running at full speed when you return to work on your academics.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, please be aware that it is not yet safe to organize senior road trips or senior vacations with your friends. Hopefully, sometime later in the year, there will be a time and place when it is safe to do. For now, it is best to think small and organize day trips to surrounding nature spots with your family or closest friends after having undergone COVID-19 tests to ensure that everybody is COVID-19 negative.

Start shifting your focus slowly from the present to the future, recognizing that the present is important in order to arrive.

At this point in the academic school year, it can sometimes feel like you have done all that you can do to do well during your four years in high school or university. 

High schoolers must focus on maintaining their grades throughout the spring 2021 semester. At the same time, they may start finding out more about what’s next for them especially if they are college bound. High school seniors can start looking more into financial aid and what remote learning at the university level will be like as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Some high schoolers may even have to start planning for a move to their respective college campus depending on the university’s plans for campus opening.

Use this remaining time to continue developing bonds with your teachers and professors.

High school teachers and school counselors can be lifelong resources for recommendation letters and assistance with your personal, professional, and academic goals. 

Use the remaining time in the spring semester to continue forming relationships with your teachers and counselors. If your spring semester is conducted largely online, then make sure to reach out through email and schedule zoom calls in order to take advantage of office hours!

It is not yet too late.

Whatever it is that you need to accomplish at the end of this year, you still have time! 

High school seniors can look into colleges and universities that have extended application deadlines as well as gap year opportunities available for them. 

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