Best College Majors for the Future

Friday, September 3, 2021

Are you finishing high school and trying to decide what major to pursue in college? These are the top most promising college majors for the future.

Many students consider that the best way to choose their college major is deciding based on their interests. However, it is definitely not the only aspect prospective students should base their decision on. 

In fact, there are many other aspects they should consider and some of them should have a higher saying than others in the final decision.

For starters, since the reason we go on to study at college is to enter the workforce, when choosing a degree, students should definitely be more concerned about the career path and job opportunities each degree leads to. 

Being interested in what we study and will later on do for a living is important, but if the field we are interested in does not have a promising career path, then it is definitely not the way to go! 

Choosing a career that will enable professionals to have a comfortable living and plenty of job opportunities should be the aspect driving this decision-making process.

That's why here we'll mention the most promising majors for the future when it comes to career paths. 

Top 7 Most Promising College Majors

1. Aeronautics and Aviation Technology
This major leads to a promising career because professionals in this industry earn a good salary and have excellent opportunities for advancement. The unemployment rate is only 4% and is expected to decrease in the future. 

2. Nursing
Nurses are highly demanded professionals, have always been and will always be as they are essential in the healthcare industry. 

3. Construction Management
The demand for construction managers is increasing as they are essential professionals who are responsible for controlling building operations. 

4. Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering is a great college major because it has a high potential compensation and employment opportunities. These professionals are highly demanded at power plants, manufacturing facilities, among other industries, and their employment rate is expected to grow in the next 10 years.

5. Medical Technology
The employment rate of these professionals is increasing. Medical technologists work in hospitals and laboratories performing a wide range of tests. Their jobs are essential for the healthcare industry because, many times, doctors make decisions based on laboratory based results. 

6. Chemical Engineering
All engineering degrees promise a bright future for professionals, but chemical engineering is currently the most promising one. In general, professionals in the field of chemical engineering work at pharmaceutical companies or labs. They are in charge of designing, developing, producing, transforming, transporting, operating and managing the process that turns raw materials into products. Chemical engineers earn a median salary of $75,000 and they are highly demanded professionals.

7. Computer Information Systems
Technology-related degrees are highly demanded and lead to a wide range of career opportunities. Graduates from this major typically go on to work in IT for corporations across any industry and earn a median annual salary of $60,000. 

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