Avoid Procrastination with These Tips

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Procrastination is very common. All of us leave everything until the last minute once in a while. But when we are doing it all the time, it will have serious consequences. Here are some tips that can help you avoid procrastination.

Have you ever put off a task just because you were not in the mood? So has everybody else. 

It is pretty common to experience the bed to avoid doing something we must do and instead do something we want to do. Procrastination simply reflects our human preference to satisfy immediate needs, put off a responsibility, and worry about it later on. Even though it may feel satisfactory in the beginning, it can bring about serious consequences in the short or long run. 

The beneficial part of procrastination is felt at the beginning, as we may experience relief from dodging an unpleasant feeling or a boring task. Watching our favourite series, scrolling through social media, or meeting with our friends to chitchat is much more interesting than studying or completing assignments. However, we can’t put off our responsibilities forever: The main consequence of procrastination is that our responsibilities may pile up and we may fail to comply with them. 

If you find yourself resorting to procrastination more times than not, it's time to do something about it. Here are some tips that may come in handy the next time you feel like postponing your homework or studying at high school.

How Can I Avoid Procrastination? Here are some tips that may help you

1. Chunk Your Tasks

When we have tasks that are too long and requiere yo mucho time, it is very easy to postpone them, as we would rather be doing something else. Writing an essay, studying for a final exam, writing a research paper are some of them. 

Breaking your assignments into smaller chunks will help you get down to work! You can just start writing an introductory paragraph, which will set you off to start writing. You can also write an outline or brainstorm to jot down ideas. 

2. Set Up Deadlines of Your Own

In high school, there are some tasks that have long deadlines. It is very likely that we postpone doing something when we think we have plenty of time to do it. 

Iñt is advisable to set your own due dates, at least for small chunks of assignments at a time (just like we discussed above).

3. Find Something to Wait For

Unfortunately, many tasks we do in high school are not immediately valuable, which may make us feel discouraged to comply with them. 

Once you meet the deadlines you established, treat yourself with something you find rewarding! Whether eating something you love, watching a series, or anything else you enjoy, make sure you value your own effort. This way, you will feel like your work is worth it and won't fall to comply with it.

4. Do Away with Distractions

Social media and notifications have been proven the most common distractions. Turning off your phone, and even your wifi if you don’t study online, is very advisable. This way, you will avoid getting distracted every time someone texts you or your favourite influencer posts!

5. Change Study Locations

The places we usually study, such as our bedrooms, living rooms, or any other room in our house, are full of distractions. 

It is advisable to change the place where we study once in a while in order to study or work with a clearer mind. You can go to a coffee shop, a library, a park or anywhere else that works for you.

These are some tips you can take into account when dealing with procrastination. We hope they are useful and help you avoid postponing your assignments. Being able to deal with it when most necessary is essential, but it is important that you remember that all of us procrastinate sometimes.

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