Why Study for a Bachelor in Performing and Visual Arts?

Friday, August 12, 2022

If you are about to graduate from high school and you are thinking of pursuing a degree in performing and visual arts and you want to get more information about it and some reasons why you should get a degree in it, keep on reading this article. 

First of all, we would like to start by explaining what is performing and visual arts. On the one hand, performing arts refers to every form of art that includes the use of the body and voice in front of an audience to convey an artistic expression or express any emotions. For example, theater, dance, music, and public speech. On the other hand, visual arts refers to every form of art that makes use of the visual means to express feelings and emotions. Some examples of visual arts are photography, painting, drawing, ceramics, or sculpture. 

What are some Characteristics of Performing and Visual Arts?

Performing Arts
Visual Arts 
  1. Performing Arts are live
  2. They are an artistic movement. 
  3. They are not on sale; however, tickets to functions might be sold. 
  4. Performing arts can take place anywhere: in theaters, on the street, or in museums.
  5. They have four elements: body, time, space, and presence. 
  6. They refer to art in motion. 
  1. Visual arts do not have age: everyone can enjoy them. 
  2. They are also an artistic movement
  3. Visual arts can be sold for a price.
  4. Everyone can create their own pieces of art. 
  5. Most pieces of visual art are simple.
  6. Visual arts is an umbrella term: performing arts can be included within visual arts.

Why are Performing and Visual Arts Important? 

Over the past decades, experts began to believe that performing and visual arts would start to be deteriorated due to the huge expansion of TV and other technologies. Nevertheless, the importance of these types of arts has only grown more and more throughout the years, becoming essential to people. Performing and visual arts are important since they allow people to express themselves in artistic ways, giving all of them to make the audience or the spectators feel what they feel. 

Performing and visual arts give artists the opportunity to show their feelings and emotions through dance, music, theater, paintings, or drawings, among others. Besides, they are necessary since they help people develop and grow their creativity and innovation, testing them so as to make them find a way of stimulating their creativity. 

Another reason why performing and visual arts are important is because they allow people to enjoy different cultures and customs. Theater, music, painting, or photography give people the possibility to learn from different cultures of the world, paying homage to them and celebrating their customs and traditions through any way of art. 

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Job Opportunities 

If you decide to get a degree in Performing and Visual arts, you will have a variety of job opportunities to choose from. Not only will you be able to perform any kind of art you like, such as painting or singing, but also perform some of these professions: 

  • Designer: as a visual artist, you will be able to develop your knowledge of different areas of design. As a designer, you can specialize in graphic design or industrial design, among others.
  • Musician: with a degree in performing arts, you will have the opportunity to grow in the musical field. Whether it is as a composer, a singer, or an orchestra director. The options are endless.
  • Theater: you will also be able to grow in the drama industry. By getting a degree in performing and visual arts, you can work as an actor, actress, director, playwright, and more. 
  • Painting
  • Photography: you will have the possibility to become a professional photographer working in different areas of photography, from sports photography to fashion photography. 
  • Film: in the film industry, you can work as a director, producer, editor, and more. 

If you are interested in studying performing and visual arts and you are not sure whether it is for you or not, this article might help you decide what you want. Performing and visual arts are essential to some people since they help them improve their creativity and innovation, as well as help them learn a lot about other cultures and traditions. Besides, they might be useful for people since it allows them to express their feelings and emotions through different means such as dancing, singing, acting, painting, and drawing. 

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