Advice For Succeeding In Online Classes

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Check out these tips on how to do well in online classes.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all high school and college students are engaging in online learning this year whether it was in their plans or not. Education at all levels has had to quickly switch to online school or online college in order to do what they can to slow the pandemic down.

With the increasing likelihood that online high school and online college will continue throughout the rest of the year, it can be helpful to check out these quick online learning tips.

Make a comfortable and peaceful workspace for yourself.

Find a spot that you enjoy being in and make it your dedicated study spot. If you go to the same place every time, it will become natural and you can start to learn to get in the zone. This place could be a place at home, in a library or even at your favorite coffee shop.

Wherever it is, make sure you do not have too many distractions around you.

Plan your study time around time spent with family. Study at night or early in the morning when you can find peace and quiet.

Make a place for yourself that is for you and only you. You will want to be able to comfortably focus and stay productive.

Learn how to manage your time effectively.

Time management is one of the greatest factors in succeeding in online college classes. You will be responsible for managing your time and setting your own schedule as well as following it.

Know how much time you need to finish your work before its due.

Avoid procrastination when you can. Keep a balance between school and the rest of your life so that you do not burn out.

Stay organized.

Staying organized will help you stay on track. Use separate folders for different online classes. Use an online calendar or a paper calendar to keep track of due dates and set reminders for yourself.

Use all resources available.

Online colleges and universities provide several resources for their online students. Reach out to those who are available for you! Contact your student advisors, set up online zoom meetings with your professors, reach out to your peers via email or messaging applications.

Do not be shy to ask questions.

If you are unsure about something, ask! First, ask two or three peers in the same class. If your peers are unable to answer the question and you have already consulted the syllabus, reach out to your professor with a quick email.

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