Advice for High School Juniors, Class of 2022

Monday, December 28, 2020

The spring semester is here, and college application season will follow along quite quickly next Fall.

2021 is here and you now have all of this year to dig down and get ahead. Spring semester can also bring other levels of stress as final exams and final projects get underway. The spring semester is also known as a time for students to take AP exams and IB exams. With so much to study for and summer break just around the corner, it can be all too easy to lose concentration and stay with your head in the clouds dreaming of summer.

Let’s talk about a couple of steps that you can to make the most out of this year, before college application season comes around in full swing.

First, try not to panic. 

You will be juggling PSAT/SAT or ACT exams, AP/IB exams, final exams, final projects, and the never-ending “Where do you want to go to college?” questions from family and friends as the holiday season ends and spring semester gets underway. 

Remember that you have this whole year to accomplish all of these tasks. You will have an entire semester in the fall to fill out your college applications! You’ll have all spring and all summer to get yourself on track for the SAT or ACT.

Take some time to do your research.

When you find spare time in between all the projects that you are managing at the end of the academic school year, do some research to find out more about the kinds of colleges and universities that are out there.

Using your summer break, for instance, to spend time with your computer just doing google search after google search can help you start dreaming about what college degree you want to earn and where you want to earn it.

Taking this time can help you get in the mood for the college application season that’s on its way!

Start getting organized!

While you do your research and begin preparing for the SAT or ACT, start using a spreadsheet or a word document to record all the tasks that you will need to accomplish during this time period. 

If you use paper planners, consider investing in a section of your planner or a specific planner for the use of planning for college applications. 

Once junior year ends and senior year begins, you will be anxious and excited. It will ease your nerves down the line if you start organizing now.

Got some extra time on your hands during the weekend? Consider attending a virtual college campus tour.

Taking virtual college tours is one of the safest ways to tour potential college campuses for the meantime as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Taking a tour will give you an idea of what your home for the next four years could look like! Doing so online will help you respect the COVID-19 physical guidelines. 

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