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    7 Tips to Prepare for Freshman Year in College

    Tuesday, January 11, 2022

    Are you in your senior year of high school and you are worried about college? You and thousands of other students are going through the same thing. Take these pieces of advice on what you should do to prepare for college and you will be doing something to ease your transition into freshman year in college.

    The transition from high school to college is a process that requires preparation, since for many students it’s the first time in their lives being away from home. Embarking on this process unprepared will only impair students, as they won’t have the tools to go through this tough, stressful time full of uncertainty with more ease.

    Preparing for college is not only about studying hard during high school, applying for the college of our dreams, and expecting to get accepted. There’s much more to it than that! It’s extremely important that students start preparing for college during their high school years, and that they boost their effort during their senior year. Make sure you extensively prepare for college sooner rather than later.

    This new chapter in students’ lives is coming closer and closer, and it’s vital that they are prepared for this new challenge before starting classes. How can it be done? The following are some tips that can help students about to graduate high school and begin their freshman year in college a head start!

    How to Prepare for Freshman Year in College

    1. Take the most advantage of orientation activities

    College orientation is one of the best ways for students to meet and get in touch with other students, get to know the campus facilities and services, and overall become familiar with what their life will be like starting college.

    Before classes start, it’s vital that students take advantage of the opportunities to become familiar with the campus they will be attending next semester. Even though some colleges are still turning to online orientation due to the pandemic, students must make the most out of this opportunity. No matter what format orientation is done, they are a great way for students to ask questions and get rid of any doubts about life at college, since it’s coming closer and closer.

    2. Do extensive research on college majors

    Even if freshman students don’t need to declare a major right away, it’s essential for them to be aware of the potential college majors they may be interested in pursuing sooner rather than later. Students can resort to academic advising programs to learn what classes they are required to take for certain majors. 

    3. Read as much as possible

    Reading is basically what students need to do to get through their college classes. Even if there’s more to studying than reading, getting the habit of reading is vital for soon-to-be college students if they are to embark upon this journey with the right foot! This is so because college coursework is much more extensive than high school’s.

    It’s highly recommended that students start reading books recommended by the college they will be attending next semester to get used to college-level reading. 

    4. Develop highly essential skills

    From soft to people skills, it’s vital that students develop some skills ASAP to prepare for college. For example, college students develop communication skills sooner or later, as they will be asked to work collaboratively with other students, get in touch with people from different backgrounds and experiences, communicate with professors, among other activities that require them to develop strong communication skills. If they start developing these skills beforehand, they will have a head start in college! 

    Problem solving, leadership, time management, critical and analytical thinking, among others, are some of the skills that will come in handy starting freshman year. Make sure you take time to develop these skills while still in high school.

    5. Take up time-management tools

    When students start college, they find themselves with a lot of independence they’d never experienced before. This independence can feel so refreshing and exciting that many students don’t pay that much attention to studying and, then, they find themselves cramming before exams or pulling all-nighters before an essay deadline. 

    Organization will go a long way in helping students deal with the extensive amount of workload they are required to complete in college and balance their academic life with their social life at the same time. The best tool for organization is time management. Developing this skill is vital. But, also, students can resort to apps that help them set their schedule and leave time for leisure activities, which is also essential not only to do well in school, but also to stay healthy!

    6. Learn campus’ safety measures beforehand

    Students' safety should be colleges’ number one priority. As students find themselves away from family for the first time, students and parents alike need to feel secure. They should learn about campus safety measures before starting classes. This way, students will know what to do and who to resort to in any kind of situation.

    7. Find out about the latest COVID-19 protocols

    As we start 2022, and, in turn, our third pandemic year, we are already so used to looking for safety measures to do almost every activity we have to do outside of the home that this seems like a no brainer! Anyway, it’s still important to remind students that, even as measures decline, it’s vital that we keep taking precautions for ourselves and those around us. 

    As measures may vary from college to college, learning about safety measures in your own school will give you the reassurance that you will be safe and will keep others safe. So, we strongly recommend students headed to college in-person next fall check for guidance from your college. This way, you’ll know what to expect.

    We hope these tips will help you prepare to embark on the challenging but exciting journey that is college and that you have all you need to be organized and build a strong foundation for success in college.

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